Board of Directors

Meet The Board

Organizational objectives serve to inform out intentions when planning and hosting events, engaging with stakeholders and when representing The Turning Point Home:  


  • Deliver our message 
  • Strengthen bonds and friendships 
  • Thank and acknowledge 
  • Celebrate! 
  • Ask for help! 
  • Organizational leadership and advisement
  • Organization of the board of directors, officers, and committees
  • Formulation and oversight of policies and procedures
  • Financial management, including adoption and oversight of the annual budget
  • Oversight of program planning and evaluation
  • Personnel evaluation and staff development
  • Review of organizational and programmatic reports
  • Promotion of the organization
  • Relationship building
  • Fundraising and outreach
*Members of the board share these responsibilities while acting in the interest of The Turning Point Home.
Length of term: Three years, which may be renewed subject to approval of the board.
We are a “hands-on” board and serve The Turning Point Home, not only in our official capacity but also as volunteers. 
  • The board of directors meets on the last Monday of the month, 7:00 p.m., at The Turning Point Home. Meetings typically last 90 minutes. When the last Monday falls on a holiday the board will meet on an alternate Monday. 
  • Committees of the board typically meet an average of four times per year, subject to their respective work agenda. 
  • Board members are asked to attend two to three special events or meetings per year, as they are determined. 
  • Special events include: (please indent sub-bullets) 
  • The Butterfly Banquet Butterfly Banquet Anniversary Celebration 
  • Our informal and fun annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser 
  • The Board Dinner with staff and residents in December in lieu of the regular board meeting 
  • Annual Open House for friends and family 
  • Attend and participate in meetings on a regular basis, and special events as able, to include major fundraising events. 
  • Participate on a standing committee of the board, and serve on ad-hoc committees as necessary. 
  • Be alert to community concerns that can be addressed by The Turning Point Home’s mission, objectives, and programs. 
  • Help communicate and promote The Turning Point Home mission and programs to the community. 
  • Become familiar with The Turning Point Home’s finances, budget, and financial/resource needs. 
  • Understand the policies and procedures of The Turning Point Home. 
  • Financially support The Turning Point Home through philanthropic leadership by making a self-determined, personally significant annual contribution, in a manner commensurate with one’s ability.