Frequently Asked Questions

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The Turning Point Home will conduct a thorough screening and assessment to determine medical necessity for the level of care we offer. If we do not have immediate services available, you will receive referrals and support contacting other programs so that you receive services as soon as possible. Please call us to schedule an assessment at 619-233-0067.

We do not turn anyone away for lack of financial resources. We contract with San Diego County Behavioral Health Services to serve Medi-Cal (or Medi-Cal eligible) clients. 

The program length is based on individualized assessments, utilizing ASAM criteria to determine medical necessity and level of care. On average, length of stay varies between 60-120 days.

Daily activities begin at 7:00 a.m. and include meals, household chores, clinical and educational groups, one-on-one sessions and participation in 12 Step recovery meetings. Each day you will have free time to complete assignments, practice meditation and self-care and fellowship with other residents

We believe that in treatment your focus should be on healing and recovery, therefore the program structure does not allow time for these activities. During your Discharge Planning you and your SUD Counselor will formulate a plan with next steps including return to school and/or work. 

Due to COVID restrictions, visitation is temporarily suspended. We do offer Zoom as a way for our residents to communicate with their sponsors, family and friends.

12 Step recovery meetings are accessible via Zoom to all residents. Due to COVID, live participation in meetings is temporarily suspended.

Cell phone and other associated privileges will be given during the Transition Phase. More information regarding cell phone privileges will be provided at Admission.

Although our primary focus is alcohol, many women we serve are dually addicted. If you feel that your addiction to drugs is the primary problem or you do not have a problem with alcohol we are happy to conduct a pre-screening to evaluate and help you find the program that you feel is right for you.
Please visit our Community Resource list for additional treatment services.
Each resident will be welcomed to the The Turning Point Home by one of our understanding staff. We all know how stressful and frightening this new situation can be. After a routine search of your personal belongings, you will be shown to your room, which will be shared with 1, 2 or 3 other women. Although you have a shared room, each resident has their own bed (no bunk beds), dresser, nightstand and an equal portion of the closet. You will then meet with a staff member to take care of the initial admission paperwork.
You will be given a schedule of meetings / groups as well as a copy of the Program Rules and Regulations for you to review. You’ll be assigned a “Big Sister” that can show you around and is available to answer any questions you may have. Our office has an open door policy, and all residents are encouraged to come to staff and discuss recovery and their recovery process. Most of our program staff are in recovery and are wonderful sources of strength and guidance.