Residential Treatment Program

Learn to be more self-aware, dignified and self-respecting

The Turning Point Home program encourages women to learn to be more self-aware, dignified and self-respecting, thereby gaining greater self-esteem. 

Our program encourages personal growth through personal responsibility. Through the application of clinical and educational services, our residents learn valuable social skills enabling them to maintain their sobriety and successfully integrate as sober and productive members in their community.
While not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, The Turning Point Home wholeheartedly endorses the AA 12-step program as the most effective means of recovery and long-term sobriety. It is at the core of the treatment services we provide. 

Our residential treatment services include:

The Turning Point Home treatment program is Licensed by DHCS –
License number 370013AN valid from 8/1/2021 – 7/31/2023


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