Giving and Donations

Help us provide a safe, secure and supportive setting for our residents to build their lives anew.

Our Mailing Address: Turning Point Home 1315 25th Street San Diego, CA 92102

The Need

We need your help to fulfill our mission and to ensure we are always there for the women of our community who need us most. Your gift helps us provide a safe, secure and private setting for our residents to build their lives anew. We offer a State licensed and certified program, partially funded by County of San Diego, Behavioral Health Services.

Additionally, we now provide a vitally needed long-term group living for our Alumnae at The 10th Step House, our nearby recovery residence, acquired with your help in early 2019. We operate The 10th Step House with donated funds

Mission Fulfillment

The Turning Point Home was founded to help low-income and oftentimes homeless women get sober, improve their lives and develop the skills, inner strength and the relationships necessary to achieve long-term sobriety. At The Turning Point Home, our treatment program provides them the safety, security, professional resources and the time they need to heal, learn and grow. Unfortunately, many of our residents have no appropriate and affordable place to go when they complete treatment. The establishment of the 10th Step House is our first major step towards meeting that need. It provides a safe, supportive, affordable and loving environment for the women of Turning Point as they grow in understanding and effectiveness. The 10th Step House is privately funded. We need your support to help us fulfill our core commitment to helping homeless and disadvantaged women recover and grow while providing them a path to freedom they can see and have confidence in when they walk through our door.

Future Plans

One day soon we hope to acquire a location in Golden Hill where we can offer Out-Patient and aftercare services. We will keep you posted as we expand our ability to provide additional services along the recovery continuum

Mission Fulfillment

Please consider making a donation to The Turning Point Home. Regardless of how you show your support, we are truly grateful.

The Turning Point Home is a tax-exempt organization under 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Cash, as well as in-kind donations, are tax-deductible.