We are here to support you as you recover.

Overview of our Services

Our residential treatment program is located on the edge of San Diego’s Golden Hill Park. Since 1970 nearly 2,200 women have received help at The Turning Point Home. Although our services have evolved and developed over the years, the caring, love and support that began in 1970 continues today and is palpable within our walls.

Residential Program

Community-based and peer group-oriented​

Our program is rooted in the community-based and peer group-oriented Social Model philosophy. Our services provide food, shelter and residential treatment to women who want to recover from alcoholism, without regard to race, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation/preference, national origin and/or ability to pay. 
Although our primary focus is alcohol recovery, we recognize our residents often have other medical and psychiatric conditions that interact and impact their addiction. In order to provide the most clinically-sound and comprehensive recovery treatment services, we integrate attention to these issues throughout the treatment process to help them achieve the best stabilization in all areas of life. As part of our program we provide referrals and support for linkage to services related to these co-occurring conditions and incorporate those services into each woman’s recovery plan.

Long-Term Recovery​

The 10th Step House

Our nearby 10th Step House (recovery residence) offers women who have successfully completed our foundational treatment program the opportunity to live independently in a supportive and sober environment. At the 10th Step House, residents are part of familylike, self-governed household, collaboratively addressing and resolving issues as they arise while sharing household duties and responsibilitiesProviding one another with support and guidancethey create life-long friendships as they gain confidence and develop lasting ties to the broader recovery community.