Resident Story

I love Turning Point and will recommend it

My name is Catalina, I am an Alcoholic. I’ve been at Turning Point Home for a little over a month and my experience here, as of yet, has been amazing. I love this place and the women in it. The house has a great energy about it. I feel safe and cared for here.

The Staff is very special. They all care about me and my recovery. I’ve already learned so much from each of them. I know that if I have any problems or just want to talk, someone is available for me to confer with.

The women staying here all want to be here. They all want their recovery. It’s great to have that kind of support around me. I am very grateful.

I love my room, I have a lot of space. My bed is soft. My roommate is awesome. The food here is really good. The meals are well balanced and cooking is fun. The house is warm and inviting.

I love Turning Point and will recommend it to all who need this kind of treatment.

Turning Point…As seen through my eyes… Every morning, while enjoying my first cup of coffee, I purposely look at the “bricks of wisdom” in