Resident Story

This HOME would be the place I would heal

Turning Point…As seen through my eyes…

Every morning, while enjoying my first cup of coffee, I purposely look at the “bricks of wisdom” in the Meditation Garden. The one I dwell on is from Tim L. and it reads, “You are safe here”. I understand this simple truth for me, more deeply and more comprehensively every day.

I knew on the day I applied and interviewed, May 4th 2016, that this HOME would be the place I would heal, not only my alcohol addiction, but my heart and the shattered pieces I have carried on the journey getting here.

During my 43 days here, I have observed unconditional positive regard between peers, staff and residents. That is how things should be, but the reality is much different in many places.

Please know, each day I live here, grow here, hurt here, and seek God’s next indicated step – I learn more lessons about TPH being God’s Hand extended.

In the book, The Servant, by James Hunter – he introduces Servant Leadership and the Inverted pyramid of leadership – In TPH case: The BOD supports and undergirds the Executive Director who the same for the Program Coordinator and both together support and nourish the rest of the staff who walk faithfully with residents. So Blessed are WE ALL

Turning Point has been the greatest blessing in my life and in my recovery. I was broken when I came in and this house